And BOOM, It’s Morocco

I haven’t yet blogged about my trip last weekend to Vienna, but since I’m already in the center (literally) of my next adventure, it will have to wait.

I’m currently writing this from my mint-green closet sized hostel room right off from Djemma el-Fna in the beating heart of Marakech, Morocco. And I’m not exaggerating: the center square is truly, “the greatest show on earth.”

Marrakech is so overwhelming. People every which way, fruit vendors, beggars, belly dancers, and a million motorcycles. It’s my first night here and I am now getting the hang of things, but at first it was a culture shock. Whoa, we are not in Europe anymore. Thank god I took Spanish so I could semi understand our French speaking taxi. Also there are scams galore. I’ve already payed way to much for things (taxi, having someone show us to our hostel) haha. You live and you learn. I can see my bank account really starting to dwindle.

Anyway, Todd and I ate at the main square tonight (I had full grilled fish, Todd had delicious or so he says, meat of some sort). We found bottled water and maneuvered our way though crowds and crowds back to our hole in the wall hostel.

Blogging from the iPhone. Ready to sleep off the shock and go full blast tomorrow.

I am equally stress and excited. Traveling is just as scary as it is addicting. To travel is to live, or something corny like that.









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